A Bit About Us..
Handy Baminton Coaching Nottingham

What started out as a few strangers, nervously meeting up for a game of badminton on the 6th March 2018 has turned into a larger group of friends having fun playing badminton every week.

Over 50 players a week attend one of our session and we continue to attract regular new players.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have shown (especially the regulars-you know who you are!)

Due to the success of the No Strings, we are now  registered as a Badminton Club affiliated to Notts Badminton Association! For someone like myself who has been involved in Badminton a long time, this a huge achievement as there has been very few new clubs emerge in recent years.



Handy By Name...

Handy Badminton is successfully ran and managed by Notts Premier Division League player James Hand...

"Badminton has been a huge part of my life since rocking up at Carlton Forum Leisure Centre on a Saturday morning 25 years ago as a  6 year old with no badminton racket but plenty of enthusiasm. The good nature, patience and knowledge of the coaches during this time helped me on the road to representing the County at Junior Level and later in adult life playing Premier Division Badminton. "