Carlton Airblade 2500

The Carlton Airblade 2500 Badminton Racket features an isometric head shape that allows for exceptional power to be generated on every shot whilst not losing any accuracy. The racket benefits from a lightweight construction to ensure it can be carried around with ease on the course whilst the padded handle and carlton grip ensures it can be held securely and comfortably on the course. 

> Badminton racket 
> Isometirc head shape 
> Lightweight 
> Padded handle 
> Carlton grip

Yonex Mavis 10 Shuttlecocks 3 Pack

The Yonex Mavis 10 Shuttlecocks are designed for recreational use and are built for medium speed. These high quality nylon shuttlecocks are a match for any feather shuttlecock and provides fast recovery, peak, drop and flight trajectory. 

> Shuttlecocks 
> Nylon 

> Suitable for recreational use and practice 
> Imitate flight of feather 
> Speed: Medium 
> Pack of 3 
> Yonex branding 


Every player will be provided with the above racket if required.
Rackets are also available to buy from JHBC for £10 each
Plastic shuttles used for Beginner Sessions and is included in the Cost.
Shuttles are also available to buy  from JHBC for £3 for a pack of 3.
Feather shuttles can be used on request for Intermediate & Advanced Sessions at additional cost. (Please Ask)