Meet The Teams

The 2019/20  season has seen us enter an additional 4 teams into the Notts Leagues, taking the total number of teams to 7. Handy Badminton will have 4 mens and 2 mixed and a ladies teamcompeting this year, with the aim of entering more teams in the 2020/21 season! Can we continue make a mark in in the Notts Leagues?

Best of luck to all our players! If you get the chance, please come down and cheer them really makes a difference! Everyone welcome....

1st Mens

2nd Mens

3rd Mens

4th Mens

1. John W./James (c)

2. John/Frankie

3. Steve/Jay*

1. Sadi/Sagheer

2. Anuj/Steve

3. Limbu/Frankie

1. Sadi/Qamar

2. Nick/Ash

3. Simon/Nuj

1. Richard C./Simon

2. Thom/Richard L.

3. Damian/Ash


1st Mixed

2nd Mixed

1. James/Amy

2. Sagheer/Claire

3. Steve/Laura

1. Laura/Claire

2. Izzy/Amy

3. Ann/Alex

1. Izzy/John W.

2. Jackie/ Johny

3. Ann/Jay