Close match but Arboretum edge the Semi Final!

In a closely fought semi final at Carlton Forum Leisure Centre between Carlton BC and Arboretum BC, it was the visitors that came out on top as they edged the 9 games 5-4.

Arboretum took full advantage of their 10 point head start in all the games and it made for a tense and exciting night of badminton. From a personal point of view it was a good night as I won both my rubbers with Adam but it's a team game and overall Arboretum deserved their win.

Not many teams across the County entered a team into the Knock Out Cup this year but all the games I've been involved in have been competitive, exciting and played in a good a spirit. Hopefully next year more teams will enter to make the competition even better.

Final word goes to Arboretum for a fantastic team effort last night and good luck in the Final versus Bingham!

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